If you have an alarm system in your home or business you must register the alarm with the police department as per Borough code.  Failure to register your alarm will result in a summons being issued.  Once you have registered your alarm, the police department will issue you a police code.  This code will differ from your code with the alarm company.  The police code is used to cancel the police department should you accidentally set your alarm off.  If you accidentally set your alarm off you should call the police department, as well as your alarm company.  If you provide the proper police code, an officer may still respond to the alarm, however you will not be charged with a false alarm.  You are allowed two (2) false alarm offenses in a calendar year without receiving a summons.  Upon the third and subsequent offenses in a calendar year a fine is incurred. This fine does increase with each subsequent violation.


The police department will not release any information as to the outcome of an alarm activation to any alarm company or person that does not provide the proper police code.


To register your alarm please fill out this form and drop it off at the police department.


This form can also be filled out to provide the police department with important contact information that can be used in the event of an emergency .


For any questions please call Ptl. Rodriguez at 201-327-2700.